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Grassim Ritzy Grano

Grassim Ritzy Grano is manufactured with Gurian wood, which Is known for Its high density and long life. Purpose of this Grano HD plywood Is to provide more strength and life to your woodworking. Grasslm Ritzy Grano Is true replacement of solid wood. Key Feature

  • Bonded with ISI grade water proof resin
  • 5-times more life and strength
  • High density for higher strength
  • Treated against termite and borer
  • Full core and panel
  • Grassim Ritzy Grano is also available in M.R. Grade for interior application
Boiling Water Proof Manufacturers in India

Our Product Range At A Glance

PLYWOOD IS:303: Grassim Ritzy plywood is manufactured under HD with HTR technology. The strength of this plywood is incomparable. Grassim Ritzy plywood is available in MR Grade & BWR Grade.

GRASSIM REDIKA: Grassim Redika is premium grade, high density plywood manufactured with 100% Redwood and it is available in Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Grade. All the Red wood veneers, which go to the luring_ empowered with Anti-Termite & Anti-Fungus chemicals

7ply BLOCK BOARD 1S:1659: Grassim Ritzy Block Board are known for their no gap assembly & high strength with smooth finish. It is available in MR & BWR Grade It is manufactured with Poplar and Hard Wood (Safeda) core for extra strength

Flush Door IS:2202: Grassim Ritzy Flush Doors are assembled with Hard wood which is known for its load bearing capacity Full size frames with side lock rail are used for better strength BWP grade PF resin 11 Used during manufacturing to provide long life to doors to any climate.

MARINE PLYWOOD IS:710: Grassim Ritzy marine grade plywood is empowered with VPT advantage. Due to VPT advantage able to resist rotting in a high moisture environment and Can be exposed to moisture for long periods .Grassim Ritzy plywood is manufactured by refined' and selected raw materials.

FILM FACE PLYWOOD 1S,4990: Grassim Ritzy densified shuttering Plywood compact and toughened quality structural plywood This is the most elegant, durable, superior film laced densified shuttering Ply Its strength factor exceeds to withstand any amount of load of concrete and the vibration caused by pouring the concrete .

FLEXIBLE PLYWOOD: for the flexible and imaginative minds, Grassim ritzy Presents the magical ply, which cart mould and bend into any shape without clipping, cracking, peeling or staining with the advent of this curved ply. the world of design has almost got wings.

We Deliver Our Products in Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Karnataka, M.P, Rajasthan and Gujarat.